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The Puzzle Box (1)

Yes, yes, I know slow down, you all say. But the writing is connected directly to breath. The mental breaths aren't the same as normal breathing. The sentences are lond and complex for a reason. I can write short and sharp too, but these long convoluted sentences are a key element in creating the illusion of a machine. So the performance will slow down and the scenes become clearer and slower, I promise.


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  • tipota

    what a gift this is Paul, i will be tuning in for this wonderful treat and readalong with my Puzzle Box book and i suddenly remembered these lyrics “you say…slow down…i fall behind…the second hand unwinds…”(cyndi lauper) timing is everything i’ve heard tell but distinctive gait and pace can be recognized from a great distance and according to geophysics time is not consistent but we still wear watches

    Jun 25, 2009 at 12:14 pm