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originally the podcast was just for being as crazy as I wanted to be, experiment, because no one is ever going to listen to them. The technology moves so quick, I can't catch up so I'll just low-fi, The Saints in a living room 1977 and see what happens. Hi, Jason.

(insert link to perfone text, oh you know where it is.)

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spray, the words

(43 secs)


undulations in solar plexus (link to the words)

(52 secs)


but ya see

Did this one at Ozymandiaz' request.

The words

(46 secs)


Well, I reckon it's best if keep doing the same thing, my original intention was always to be mad as a hatter with a crazy hat and Bootsy Collins sunglasses in the podcast and I almost never listen to the reviews anyway, ahem, (50 secs)



This is a different version of Listen from the one in the main blog. Less performancey and more mellow. I couldn't decide which I liked better so I posted one here and different one there.


pauls tattoo

This is from The Puzzle Box by Paul Squires.

(1 min 2 secs)

Now I have figured out how to post mp3's in the main blog but I still need to post them here because wordpress won't host them. So the two blogs will be mirror blogs for podcasting. If that makes any sense.


night sky prayer,

This is the first time anyone else has ever recorded one of my poems so it is very special to me. And also it is magically wonderfully incredibly gorgeously beautiful.

The words.


I wish I was better at this. Or more here I make a secret wish, to hear Ray Winstone do this speech, I would die a happy man,


and the seven seas,

I use free Audacity software for recording. It's capable of much better than I do, fully optioned it is and ready to rock, I'm just not very good at it yet. Wordpress is a bit difficult about posting mp3's without a paid upgrade so I use Podbean here which has never given me any trouble, free and easy and unobtrusive,

this recording has a little fiddle with digital effects including a slow fade in and out so don't feel you need to turn the volume up straightaway,


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