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Grau De Sandice

By special request.

The Words

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Con-temporary Poetry

Alright, it seems to work better when I am sober, like most things. This one is a bit fast, and the voices are a bit funny but the poem was supposed to be a bit of a parody or something.

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I almost came to a standstill, Ma'am. I tried to go so slowly. And use two distinct voices. Thankyou for listening. Here are the words.



Embarassment, I think is a healthy thing. Otherwise would I be doing this?

You might want to turn it down a little bit. Or a lot.

Here is the script back at the word blog.



The Puzzle Box (1)

Yes, yes, I know slow down, you all say. But the writing is connected directly to breath. The mental breaths aren't the same as normal breathing. The sentences are lond and complex for a reason. I can write short and sharp too, but these long convoluted sentences are a key element in creating the illusion of a machine. So the performance will slow down and the scenes become clearer and slower, I promise.



The words are here The Sonnet Of Whistles and Trills

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April 2009

Still having more fun with the machine. Little bit of a rant in the middle between poems, sorry. And as usual very low production values due entirely to lack of time. And button pushing skills.

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Talking To The Ghosts.

Sorry. I am way behind as usual. Aus Lit seems intent on ignoring me. I'm not ignoring them though haha. Insert link to "Three Legged Dog" in Bolts Of Silk. Umm, what was I doing, oh that's right. I must get to speed poets one Sunday sober and prepared. And Graham liked this one in the blog. So here is a crack at it.

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Listen (2)

This is the second time I have recorded this one. The first one is locked away in the computer forever. There will be one a year or something. One of the most difficult things in the world is to announce your religeous beliefs.  It reveals who you are more than anything else. I don't believe anyone who completely denies all spiritual existence. I think they are lying to themselves, they wish there was none. I don't know why.

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Alright. I admit it. I just love this machine, that is why I do it. It's like a fantasy for someone who was trapped in his writerly fantasies for twenty years, and you  keep telling me such nice things, what do you expect me to do, shout Man Overboard!

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